The project of Trainera Days is fully rocking!

Akkua is organizing a big event for LEINN team entrepreneurs next Monday and Tuesday. The event is called Trainera Days! There will be around 50 team entrepreneurs and two interesting companies participating Trainera Days. The event will take place in Etxarri Aranatz 16.-17.5.2011.

Trainera Days origin comes from Teamacademy Finland from an event called Rocket Days. It has also some influences from the Proacademy’s annual event Laivasemma. The goal of these events is to build up the communities stronger and more open. In Trainera Days we have four team companies from the campus of Irun and one team from Onati.

Competition worth of 200 euros

There will be two companies in the Trainera Days: Innobasque ans AZK. The two companies will give us real cases to work with. Team entrepreneurs will have 24 hours time to solve the problems and then present their ideas to the companies.

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Only three days to go! Lets get the “estropadak”  moving!


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