Find your train ticket…

I cannot verify if this is a true story or an urban legend, but a good entrepreneur or writer never lets the truth get in the way of a good lesson.

Albert Einstein was on a train. He couldn´t  find his ticket after searching trough all his pockets and bags.-The conductor said: ” Dr. Einstein, every one kwons who you are. We know that Princeton can afford to buy you another train ticket” . -Einstein replied: ” I´m not worried about the money. I need to find the ticket to figure out where I´m going”

Like Einstein, we should worry not about the money, but about where we are going. If we figure out where you´re going, the money will come.

Hey! Do we really know where are we going ? I would appreciate if each of us reflects during the Weekend. And why not, lets written down in the blog!

By the way…a photo from Elgoibar and a good song of  Undrop:

 Disfrutau, barixakua dala ! 



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