Participating the EIEA meeting in Zaragoza

The revolution of international entrepreneurship education is fully rocking!

Unity in Diversity!  (the new EU slogan)

I got the chance to participate in the EIEA (European Innovation and Enterprise Academy) meeting 24.-25.5.2011. It was hold in hot an beautiful city of Zaragoza, Spain in the AJE Aragón center. The AJE center is an interesting place for new start-up ideas and new start-ups.

The EIEA project is EU founded and financed and it includes members from Universities from Germany: SAXEED, England: Birmingham City University, Strawberry Fields, Spain: AJE Zaragoza and Finland: TAMK. There was six members Timo, Adrian, Jon, Pilar, Mario, Mark and two Finnish student representatives Heidi and Suvi and the focus of the meeting was in the learning contents of the Academy and in the business model.

It was very interesting to be part of the planning the future up-coming academy! Especially keeping in mind that I might be a potential customer of the EIEA some day in the future. At the moment there isn´t a university which could offer this entrepreneurial education to all. Still there is big a need for educating, promoting and giving push to entrepreneurship spirit. The EIEA project will continue until the end of the year and hopefully after that we can see some results happening. After the meeting I am even more sure that I am in the right school when studying in LEINN Mondragon University and Proacademy TAMK.

The future is in entrepreneurs!

Viva Los Jóvenes Empresarios!

Heidi Kuivajärvi


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