International Akkua

Akkua has been international during this Spring semester. Instead of 11 members Akkua has been filled with one Finnish girl and become 12 members!


Not just an Erasmus exchange


I came to Basque Country in the end of January to do my Erasmus exchange. But this has been something more than just a traditional Erasmus. I got to become a team-member in Akkua team and join the LEINN community. The first few weeks run fast while getting to know about the learning and working habits & methods. I was happy to join few projects, such as Ametsen Ekaitza and Trainera Days and got to know new people.


In my point of view people are here more relaxed and joyful than in Finland. I like that people are more human centered and enjoying of the moment. I´m sure I will take some of this attitude back with me to Suuntaviitta teamcompany in Finland. Then again this has had some serious  effects as well. I think this fact has made it harder for Akkua´s team to commit and work seriously professionally. Is this happening because the teamsters are afraid of giving straight feedback to each others and going to the uncomfortable-zone? Maybe because they are close friends and it is hard to separate the working issues from personal relations.



Here are some crazy things I have learned in Basque Country:

  • to mix red wine and white wine with everything like coce, sprite, fanta, juice, etc
  • i throw the serviettes in the floors on restaurants
  • i pick up the phone and say only: “tell me”. And this doesn´t sound like unpolite
  • I don´t go to parties before midnight and I stay partying like a crazy until 7.00 am!

Let´s see what the Finnish people think about these new habits when I return to Finland in August…


It´s been such a great time here in the country of kalimotxos. I have learned a lot about you Akkua! Thank You!


– Heidi


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