From Luther to twitter

The world is changing, this is obvious, but is also changing the way we the people interact with the world. This can be seen in the movements that have been happening since the start of this year with the protests in the arab countries, the spanish revolution, the protests in london or the last movement in wall st.

If you see the difference between this social movements an the ones that happened before you can see a big difference, before all the social movements were leaded by a single personality that would move the population as Martin Luther King, Harvey Milk, Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many other but this last year everything has changed, there is not a big personality no more there is only people each one with his own speaker, and this speakers are the social networks.

There is no need for one big leader no more, now a day there are a thousand small leaders leading a big movement.

So why if the world is changing and the way the society acts is changing the companies arent changing the same way?

by: Asier Agirre


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