Prepared for china?

Hi people! I imagine that for now you´ll know that in 15 days we will be going to Shanghai in china. We are going crazy! We have so much to do and so little time. We have to do al the logistic preparations as getting the visas, finding some hotel or hostel in which to sleep, closing the deals for the projects we are going to work on wile in china… But this is not the only thing we have to do. We have to prepare ourself also in a cultural and mental way. We have to go prepared to understand people that comes from a completely different cultural and historic background, that lives in a completely different political and social situation and have a completely different way to understand the world. For this understanding that will be needed for doing business with local people we are reading as much books as we can in Indian an Chinese economy, culture, history and politics. But even after gathering all this information we have to remember not to judge their ways, as they can also judge ours, and it isn’t polite to go to someone else’s home to criticize.


una imagen de Yang Liu


By: Asier Agirre



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