Want to know AKKUA?

Akkua has been created by 11 young people that started studiying The new degree on leadership entrepreneurship and innovation within the unibersity of “Mondragon Unibertsitatea” that it is based on the finish degree of Team Academy. That it way of learning it is based on learning by doing and learning for the mistakes we make while we are developing real cases.


Our goal is to launch and develop projects of different types that allow us to:

-Know the business reality.

– learn about experiences.

– Create knowledge and develop skills in both individual and group.

-To become global citizens and open-minded.

-Function in a multidisciplinary environment.

-Learn how to apply our learning’s to make true our dreams.

We want to use the company as tool for learning from the experience of making real projects that we are going to develop in coordinated teams and based on teamwork. Work on personal weaknesses to improve our self-development and adquiring new knowledge.


To became a reference as a young entrepreneurial and innovative team company. Change the point of view of young people because we are the ones that are making developing our own future. And also that each team member maximize their performance and learn to be a leader and in the same time learn how to be leaded by other people.


– Commitment

– Transparency

– Passion

– Basque

– Activity

– Eco-sustainability

– Teamwork.

2 pensamientos en “Want to know AKKUA?

  1. […] uno de los miembros de campes, asistió durante una mañana a una reunión del equipo Akkua, dada la reciente colaboración entre parte de éste equipo ( Garazi y Esti ) y nuestro equipo de […]

  2. tobal dice:

    un saludo desde menorca,
    por cierto
    habeis oido hablar de los Pueblos en Transicion?


    tal vez os interese

    aqui en la isla estamos fromando varios grupos


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