Projects !

AKKUA in action!  We are developing different kind of projects. We can divide them into four ways of business.



Would you go to an event in which you can see and buy designs from over 20 designers, and over 15 desing students showing their collections? Would you go to an event which you can listen to great life music? Would you like to go to an event in which you can take a drink for free?

YES, this event exists, it will take place in Bilbao, on June 2011.




An international event, to develop entrepreneurship, team work and creativity skills with youngsters. For spreading around the spirit of Ametsen Ekaitza, we use workshops in different highschools in order to get the participants to  think on their dreams and hobbies and how to bouild a lifestyle from them or reach closer. Finally be end up with a big event  where we try to crystalized all the learning that has been experienced during the process.


We are working as dinamizers of the Idiazabal Cheese Museum. Idiazabal is a traditional cheese made by local farmers, using unpasteurized Latxa sheep milk.  The taste is robust, provocative and slightly acid! Idiazabal has already won the World Cheese Award of Hard cheese with Denomination of Origin.  Do you want to live the real cheese experience?


Akkua’s WOW project! We have seen the willingness of people for chaging society, we have seen the need, but yet we find no place to work and cocreate in order to get new knowledge and gather up our stregnth for a better atmosphere to be created and that change stop being a fantasy and make it happen.




-FLYING FREE X-TREME— Do you want to get crazy? Puenting, rafting, mushlin, jumping from a light aircraft…those are just some of the options in our X-TREME brochure.

-FLYING FREE RELAX— Do you need a space to relax? In Flying Free relax our objective is to arrange experiences which are focus on finding the good synergies with yourself. You could join diving, yoga, paddle surf, visiting spa centers…

-IKASFREE— are you one of those people who want to learn something each day? Ikasfree is offering you more than 10 activities focused in different educational issues, that will let you think and cultivate your self-development process.

“If you are looking for different results, you should do different things” Albert Einstein

Self development → Team development → Company development



Gaztempresa is the social foundation of Caja Laboral (credit cooperative). We are working with them since December 2010. Our duty is to dinamize their website. In order for that to happen we are doing interviews to different known people, entrepreneurs… and also making essays of different books that we read. Summarizing, we are doing different activities to add value to the website, and preparing the dinamization of it.



Akkua team has experience on organizing events and gathering up big communities! In may 2011 we will be organizing Trainera Days – 3 days seminar – for 80 team-entrepreneurs. We have ingredients to build up young, new and inspiring events!

Un pensamiento en “Projects !

  1. Antonio Sánchez Escudero dice:

    Que soy yo quién está en deuda con vosotros. Os he visto en las fotos y no estáis guapos…… SOIS GUAPAS Y GUAPOS!! y como la caera expresa lo que llevas dentro solo puedo deciros lo a gusto que me encontré con vosotros. Esas ganas de luchar, de estudiar, de aprender, de ideas llenas de dudas e inquietudes ..en suma de vivir, Buscad soluciones SIEMPRE las encnraréis y que no sea el miedo a equivocaros lo qe os haga paralizaros beti aurrera. Dejad que las cosas sean com son NO BUSQUEIS LA PERFECCION porque aparte de no encontrarla (porque no existe) lo pasaréis mal. La diferencia entre los competidores siempre radica en hacer un poquito mas de esfuerzo que los demás. Fórmula 1 recorren 305 Kms y al final el ganador le saca al segundo unos centímetros. Pole la ganó por un paquete de pitilos.. La Gloria está más cerca de lo que créeis. 10 minutos mas de codos. os pueden servir de mucho. Y disfrutad,, disrutad aprendiendo. Yo afortunadamente estoy lejísimos de saber algo y es tan bonito ver que tiienes tantras cosas por aprender !!!!!!
    Estoy tan feliz a vuestr lado !!!!! Gracias por darme vuestr cariño
    Un abrazo fuerte y largo paa todos y todas
    Antonio Oiartzun


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